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The Seasons, They are A-changin'

by NW Storages on 09/14/18

Self-storage is a great solution for a myriad of seasonal needs, and as the end of summer segues into fall, you may find that a storage unit makes a big difference for you.

As the days grow shorter and the kids head back to school, we all know that autumn is approaching. Cooler temperatures and changing leaves aren’t the only things happening, either. It’s the time of year we put away our summer things and gear up for the holiday season!  If you’re wondering where you’re going to keep your warm-weather toys and equipment, we’ve got the answer.

Don’t let all that summer stuff fill your closets, clutter up your shed, or take up all the storage in the garage; you can store all those things you won’t be using for the next several months! The security, affordability, and convenience of today’s self storage will make your life so much easier.

How can self-storage help you?  You can store all kinds of things that you won’t be using for a while!

  1. Lawn and garden equipment. Your riding or push mower isn’t going to see a lot of action after September.  You could keep it in the garage or the shed, but really, with the holidays coming up, you may find that you need those spaces. Guest parking, gift hiding, and winter equipment (snow blower, anyone?) all need to be available. Take your weedeater, mower, rototiller, garden implements, and hoses and put them in storage. You can store your grill and smoker, too. They’ll  be safe, and the winter months will be much kinder to things stored indoors.

  2. We’ll take your outdoor toys, too! Do you need a place to keep your kayak, canoe, motorcycle, camp trailer, or boat while you’re not using it? Self-storage is ideal! For bigger items, like boats and campers, ask about vehicle parking spaces.

  3. Classic and collectible cars and trucks. That car you lovingly restored and painstakingly waxed and polished isn’t the one you’re going to be driving in the cold, wet weather. Slippery roads and icy streets are not for your baby! Again, self storage can offer outdoor storage and in many cases, indoor storage as well. Keep that 57 Nomad or 68 Mustang (and everything else) safe over the winter; it’s easy to retrieve it later, for all those spring and summer show-and-shine events.

  4. Sports equipment. The cooler weather and shorter days mean that the sports landscape is changing. Baseball is almost over, and there won’t be a lot of tennis or golf going on when it’s snowing or raining! Put those clubs, bats, racquets, and all the things that go with them, in a secure storage unit. This lets your closets remain clear for coats and extra blankets, while keeping your sports gear together, ready for next spring.

  5. Summer clothes. Sure, those shorts and tank tops, swimsuits and team uniforms don’t look like they take up a lot of space, but when you’re making room for coats, jackets, sweaters, and even spare blankets, you’ll be glad all that stuff you won’t be wearing isn’t in the way. Properly cleaned and boxed up, your summer togs will be just fine in your storage unit, until you’re ready to put them on next year.

  6. Holiday gifts!  That’s right. It’s time to start thinking about what to get the kids, the spouse, and everyone else in your life for the upcoming holidays. As the winter nears, great gift items will be on  display in stores, often on sale. But how do you keep those big surprises safe from prying eyes? Put them in your storage unit! From bicycles to new computers to the “it” toy of the year, your purchases will be safe in storage until it’s time to wrap them up in pretty paper and bows and put them under your tree. If you’re an early shopper, self-storage is perfect for  you!

Whatever you need to store as the seasons change, a secure storage unit can be a big help; it’ll let you keep your belongings safe, dry, and out of the way during one of the busiest times of year.

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