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Self-Storage Security Keeps Your Property Safe and Sound!

by NW Storages on 05/04/18

The security measures used by self-storage companies is important; as a storage customer, you want to be able to relax, knowing your property is well-protected. The security of your chosen storage facility is supposed to provide you with peace of mind, so more is always better. But, there are some basic protective measures to look for first with self-storage, before worrying about more high-tech or aggressive measures.

Take a look around.

Is the storage property well maintained? Is trash picked up or left to lay? Are there sagging fences, burned out lights, or other signs that general maintenance isn’t a priority?  You want your storage company to take things like this seriously, because it indicates the weight they give safety and security in general. Look for a self-storage property that is well taken care of and clean.

Burned out lights increase risk to a property, as do loose fencing sections, slow or creaky gates, and other basic maintenance issues that should be addressed on a regular basis. When these things are taken care of, you know that the storage company is invested in a secure property.

Basics to look for.

In addition to good lighting, clean grounds, and equipment in good repair, there are some other security measures you should  expect to find at a secure storage property.

  • 24/7 Video Surveillance. Look for off-site, digital recording of security cameras to increase security by eliminating the possibility of  accidental tape erasure. If your storage company also has monitoring of these cameras in their office, that’s even better; being able to keep track of on-site customers, and any other activity in the area, is always a good security measure.

  • Fencing. Sturdy fences are the first line of defense for an outdoor storage facility. Chain-link should be sturdy and not loose or rusted. Board fences should l be intact, upright, and braced well. Even concrete walls or cinder-block fences need to be maintained and shouldn’t have evidence of damage. In addition, barbed or razor wire atop fences is always a good additional measure.

  • Gates and Keypads. Your storage property should  limit access to the storage areas. A gate with a keypad is the standard for this. Individual gate codes are preferable to recycled ones, and some systems allow you to choose your own code, making it both more secure and easier to remember.

  • On-Site, Resident Managers.  In some cases, you’ll find that a storage company has an employee living on the property. This means that if there is any questionable after-hours activity, someone is available to call the police immediately. The human element is an added level of security that makes a big difference.

  • Security Patrols. Regular patrols by security company employees are becoming more common in the self-storage industry. These patrols are usually noted on signage, providing  a good deterrent to break-ins, while also offering one more layer of awareness and responsiveness.

You can get pretty high-tech.

In addition to the more basic security provisions, you may find some high-tech or more advanced measures in place, as well. When you see these things offered, it’s a sign that your property will be well-protected and that security is a priority at that facility.

Higher tech security features may include security beams around the property’s perimeter, individually alarmed unit doors, and motion detectors.  These things are great as additional layers to existing security.

One thing to remember when looking at the security of your chosen self-storage property, is to start by considering the basics and working your way up. For instance, security cameras are excellent, but they’re not as effective as sturdy fences in good condition. Don’t let laser beams or motion detectors distract you from property condition, maintenance issues, and excellent lighting.

In addition, keep in mind that great security is no guarantee that something untoward won’t happen. Be sure to have a self-storage or homeowner’s insurance policy on your stored belongings that is sufficient to cover any potential losses. This is just good, common sense and an affordable way to make sure you’re storage is as protected as it can be.

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