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5 Very Good Reasons to Use Temporary Storage

by NW Storages on 06/29/18

Self-storage doesn’t have to be a years’ long commitment and it doesn’t have to be a major inconvenience. Today’s self-storage facilities offer options for lease terms, unit sizes, and more to make your experience easier than you might imagine even if it’s just for a month or two.

There are many reasons why temporary storage can be a benefit to you. But whether you decide to store a few things or an entire houseful, you can relax, knowing that the modern security measures implemented by most storage companies will protect your belongings and keep them safe until you take them home again.

So, why would you want temporary storage? These five reasons may be the most common, but there are many more times when self-storage can be a great help in your life.

  1. Moving.  There are, of course, many reasons for moving. Relocating for a job, military orders, or retirement for instance.  But no matter why you’re moving self-storage can help. You may need to send your belongings ahead to your new location while you take a vacation on your way to your next home. Conversely you might find that you have to  leave vehicles, boats, or RVs behind for a time until you can retrieve them, or you might need to live in temporary housing before you move into your new abode. No matter the why of you move, self-storage is an invaluable help. When you’re away from your property, self storage offers security and protection for your peace of mind.

  2. Remodeling/Repairing.  Houses are an investment that require upkeep and maintenance, but even if the house or apartment you live in is rented, there will still be times that you need to have your furniture and belongings out of the way.   Whether you’re painting the entire house or just one room, replacing carpeting, or upgrading your kitchen and bathroom, having sofas and the like out of the way can be very helpful. Self-storage doesn’t have to be a long-term commitment, so even if your project is only going to take a few weeks, you can protect your belongings while you finish the job.

  3. Downsizing. Empty nest? Retiring? Moving in or out of a shared living situation? There are many things that happen in life that might require us to live in less space than we’re used to. Whatever the reason, when you need to have fewer possessions in your living space for a few weeks or even longer, self-storage is the answer.

  4. Seasonal vehicles. Your RV, boat, motorcycle, canoe,  snowmobile, and any other seasonal conveyance can be stored in self storage during the “off”  season. Consider the advantages to having these items out of the way rather than taking up all the space in your garage or shed! You can rent storage or a parking space for almost any of your large seasonal equipment, keeping it secure when it’s not in use and convenient to  retrieve when you’re ready.

  5. College. It’s  not always convenient to carry all of your belongings and furniture home for the summer and then back with you in fall. But a great many colleges reassign residences every year so you can't leave your belongings in your room all summer long. If you’ve been living off campus, it’s not sensible to pay rent while you’re away for several months in the summer.  It is far more cost effective and convenient to rent a storage unit to hold your belongings during the summer break, and it will be easily accessible when you return in the fall. To make it even better, share a unit with friends to save money!

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