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Self Storage: All Reasons, All Seasons

by NW Storages on 04/13/17

Life is complicated, and we are acquisitive creatures. We’ve all got more stuff than we know what to do with!  That dinner table your Uncle Bob made in his shop, seasonal sports equipment, craft supplies that take up entire rooms, and so much more. As George Carlin once told us, life is all about “trying to find a place for your stuff.”

Ah, yes. A place to keep your stuff is a necessity. Some people have large enough homes that they can easily accommodate all that heirloom furniture, five bicycles, and that riding snow blower that gets used once a year. But what about the rest of us? Where will all our stuff go?

Why, self-storage, of course.  Self-storage offers a secure, affordable, convenient way to make room for your stuff while keeping you from being crowded out of your home.

There are many reasons why you may need to use self-storage, either for a couple of months, a couple of years, or even longer. If any of these reasons applies to you, and if you are beginning to feel like your home is less a castle and more a warehouse, consider using a storage unit to make room in your home, and your life, for the things that matter right now.


Whether it’s a fabric stash you’re going to use “someday,” or that second set of cookware taking up space in your spare closet, clutter is making your life more complicated and stressful.

Stress from clutter?  It’s true!  Sources from Psychology Today to WebMD agree that too much clutter can cause stress and anxiety. All  that clutter just makes you feel “off.”

Get rid of some of it! Box up your grandma’s china, decide which furniture is taking up space you need, and get those boxes of miscellany out of your garage and put them in a storage unit. For a reasonable price, you can keep everything that isn’t immediately necessary in your life in a safe, dry, secure facility while you live a clutter-free, less stressful life! 


Life changes. We all know this. We get married, divorced, have babies then send them to college, move, retire, and everything in between. As life changes, our need for space changes.

Maybe the kids have left home. You’d like to move to a smaller space, but they’ve left their treasures with you for safekeeping for a while. Possibly, you’ve moved to a new area where the size of home you need isn’t readily on the market, or perhaps you’ve found yourself living solo for the first time, and your current situation doesn’t allow you to keep so many things you love.

No matter why you find yourself in a smaller living space, you don’t have to give up the things you want to keep.   When you find yourself with a three-bedroom life in a one-bedroom apartment, self-storage is the answer.  You don’t have to sell or giveaway the things that matter to you when you can store them until things change again. Exercise equipment, lawn furniture, hobby supplies and machinery, can all be stored, safe and sound, until the time you are able to bring it all home again!  Because, as we said, life changes.

 Seasonal Items

Just as life changes, so do seasons. Inexorably. So why let that canoe take up yard space all winter long? Is that snowmobile in the garage really going to get any use in July? That ski equipment, trampoline, riding mower, and more, all get used for a limited time each year. Why keep them around 365 days, taking up space you could be using for other things, when you could store them safely, just a few blocks from home?

Think about it. You shouldn’t have to move three boxes of Christmas stuff from the top shelf in the storage closet just to get to that bikini collection you put there last September. There’s no need for the snow skis to compete for space with the water skis in the spring, nor for the kid’s sled to be hidden behind your gardening equipment in December. Take that seasonal stuff to self-storage on a rotating basis and give your life some extra space all year long. 

Frequent Travel

Whether for business or personal reasons, well planned or spur of the moment, some people travel frequently.  It can be a stressor, to worry about the safety and security of one’s belongings while travelling often or for extended periods of time. Self-storage can help.

It’s often the case that your local self-storage facility has better security and more protections than your home. Carefully boxed and protected, you can store family photo albums, special gifts, and even cherished furnishings, while you’re away. The kind of peace of mind that comes from knowing your most valued possessions are safely stored when you can’t be there is invaluable, and will help make your trip less stressful and more enjoyable.

 Moving, Selling, and Remodeling

Sometimes, a home just needs a change. Or, you need a change of home.  Either way, self-storage will make it easier and more convenient than you might imagine.

Staging your home for sale is important; you want to create the best impression so your home will sell quickly, at the best price. Storing most of your home’s contents is one way to make a strong showing. Realtors routinely tell sellers that removing as much furniture, artwork, décor, and other unnecessary items will help with the sales process. These things can be kept in a self-storage unit. As a bonus, once you’ve sold your home and found a new one, all of your belongings are in one place, easily accessible and ready to be brought to your new home.

Perhaps, though, you’d rather just remodel your home than move. Makes sense, right? So, you’re going to remove a wall here, add one there, open up that area under the stair case, possibly add a second bathroom or a sun room.  Great! Take all the furniture you can live without and store it! This is going to make remodeling much less hassle, and much easier on your day-to-day life. With contractors, sub-contractors, saw dust, noise, and plaster everywhere, knowing your furnishings are safe, dry, clean, and not in anyone’s way, will make your remodel simpler and quicker.


Self-storage isn’t just for your household and personal items, either. Businesses can benefit from using storage, too.  For a reasonable, cost-effective price, businesses can rent space to keep old files, excess inventory, machinery and equipment, even extra office furniture.  Many storage facilities offer banker-style and file sized boxes, and some even sell and assemble shelving, to keep your items in an organized, space-maximized fashion.

 Overall, self-storage is a great option for keeping your personal and business possessions safe, dry, secure, and protected when you need a little more space, whether it’s for a season, or a year.  You can declutter, destress, move, downsize, and even remodel, more easily with a little help from your local self-storage facility.

Let Northwest Storages help you find the most convenient storage facility, at the best price, with the most amenities possible. 

We look forward to earning your business!








Winter: Time to Walk It Off!

by NW Storages on 03/14/17

Spring approaches!

The first day of spring is just a few days away, and we’re all itching for that warm, wonderful, sunny spring weather the northwest is known for. Yes, there will be some April showers, but, oh, the May flowers! Spring in the Pacific northwest is a great time to shake off the winter’s boredom and get out and do something fun!

What’s fun?  How about a nice long walk?  Or a jog, run, or even bike trip. Washington is filled with amazing scenery, miles of trails, and everything from desert to rainforest, all there for you to enjoy this spring. So, strap on your hiking boots, jogging shoes, or comfy walkers, and take a stroll through whatever area interests you.

Trails abound!

City, beach, or mountain, you’ll find hiking and biking trails galore in the greater Puget Sound area.

Maybe a leisurely stroll or roll on Alki Beach would be a good place to start. Fantastic views,  protected sidewalks and bike lanes, and even the opportunity to bring Fido along with you, all make Alki’s trails a good choice for a local venture into the sunshine.   

If you’re into nature photography, the Arboretum Waterfront trail is a good option. Full of flora and fauna, the opportunity to snap that once in a lifetime pic is right here! For a gentle walk, the half-mile trail is flat and easy; if you prefer a challenge, additional trails are available as well. Due to the fragile nature of the bog itself, no dogs, joggers, or cycles are permitted here.

For a great walk in the city, check out the Burke-Gilman Trail.  Stretching from Gas Works Park to Fremont, this 2.8 mile trail offers incredible views of the Seattle skyline and the occasional peek into the workings of the city’s seafaring world, while linking multiple neighborhoods together, for a unique look at the city. Walkers, hikers, joggers, and bikers are all welcome.  

If you’re up for a bigger challenge, consider the Deception Pass to Lighthouse Point trail, a two mile looped trail that’s pretty popular.  The starting point for this trek is near Anacortes, just a ninety minute drive from Seattle. Featuring incredible scenery and various activities along your way, this trail welcomes dogs as well as people.  

Another place to try, also a bit out of your way, is the Snoqualmie Pass. The trails around here offer great views you can’t see anywhere else, and multiple trails of varying difficulty. Take a look at the list of these trails, along with information on what they offer. It’s a couple of hours of driving to get there, of course, but well worth the time and effort.  

Looking for a weekend trip to explore the kind of beauty only found in Washington? Then load up your gear and head for the Olympic National Parks on the spectacular Olympic Peninsula, just a couple of hours north of Seattle. From beach to mountain to forest primeval, and featuring all level of difficulty for you to choose from, the trails in the Olympic National Park are well worth the drive. The area offers sufficient accommodations for overnighting it, enabling you to take to the trails for a rewarding weekend of nature loving. Be sure to read up on the trails here, and to pick the ones that best match your skill and endurance levels.

And that’s not all, folks!

Just about anywhere you look in Seattle, there’s a park, beach, or neighborhood worth checking out. You don’t need to drive across the state, or even across town, to enjoy the beauty of western Washington, Seattle, and Puget Sound. There’s a lot for you to see and love wherever you are!

Obviously, our suggestions don’t even begin to resemble a comprehensive list of places to walk, hike, jog, or bike, either. For more opportunities to stretch your legs this spring, take a look at the All Trails website.

Spring Cleaning for a Clutter Free Home!

by NW Storages on 02/22/17

Spring is imminent, and we’re all excited to have sunshine and warmer, longer days ahead. Soon, we’ll be planting our gardens, planning vacations, and working on our tans. At this time, people everywhere dig in to the annual tradition of spring cleaning, too.

Winter makes a clean home hard to maintain. Dirt, mud, and snow get tracked in daily, moisture hides in corners and crevices, windows are filmed with water spots and dirt, and our garages are full of winter equipment like shovels and snowblowers, sleds and skis. Your house is a filled with bulky coats, loads of warm, heavy clothing, and boots and galoshes galore. With spring just around the corner, it’s time to dust off the cobwebs, sweep out the dirt and dust, and lighten our loads in preparation for a clutter-free, carefree summer.

Spring cleaning basics are easy: Move the furniture and vacuum under it. Sweep and mop and maybe even wax the floors. Launder the heavy winter bedding and replace it with lighter linens for the warmer weather. Wash the windows, hose down the sidewalk and driveway. But there’s more to spring cleaning.

Here is our guide to letting spring cleaning become Spring Decluttering. Get rid of what’s broken, outdated or outgrown, or not immediately needed. Donate items you’re not using and clothing you’re never going to wear. Get all that winter gear out of your garage and off your patio to make room for summer fun!

  1. Organize. Set aside a box or other container for items you’ll throw away, and one for items to be donated. A third container is needed for things you want to keep but won’t be using the next few months. A list with headings will help you determine what to do with larger items.

  2. When cleaning out your closet, a good rule of thumb is that if you haven’t worn something in the past year, you should probably get rid of it. Damaged clothing, torn or stained, can be thrown away or used as cleaning rags. But, there are items you haven’t worn but don’t want to get rid of. A fancy dress or Halloween costumes, for example. These items can be put into self storage and taken out when you need them. In addition, coats and boots that will be outgrown before their next use can also be donated as part of your spring cleaning; if you’re going to keep them, storage is a good way to prevent them from taking up your whole closet all year long.

  3. Winter equipment, like sleds, skis, snowmobiles and the like can be put in storage, freeing up garage, shed, and patio space for the summer. This goes for shovels and snow blowers, too. Just be sure that any fuel tanks are empty before storing them. Make room for these items in your storage unit by removing your grill, above ground pool, and sporting equipment when you’re putting winter items in.

  4. All that Christmas stuff you just put in the garage at New Year’s? It can go into storage, too.  Be sure to put it where you can find it next December!

  5. Spring cleaning applies to furniture, too. If you’ve ever considered going minimalist in your home, now is a good time to decide which furnishings you’d like to try living without. Anything you don’t think you’ll miss can be put into storage until you’re sure!

  6. While you’re at it, think about furniture that you don’t need now but might need later. Cribs, toddler beds, and other age or situation specific furniture can be stored until it is needed, while remaining easily accessible.

  7. Clean up your art and decor this spring! Now is a good time to shift your home to a lighter, brighter appearance. Heavy drapes, wintery landscapes, and darker textiles can all be donated or stored to make way for softer curtains and light sheers, cheery throw pillows, and brightly colored paintings and drawings. After all, spring and summer are more than just a time of year, they’re an attitude!

Spring cleaning is a great way to signal your mind that winter is over and fun times are ahead. Decluttering is shown to reduce stress levels, as well as to make your home feel lighter and more spacious. Once you’ve thrown out what is unusable, donated what is unwanted, and stored what you won’t be using for a while, you’ll be amazed at the change in your mood and outlook!

Doing Good in 2017

by NW Storages on 01/18/17

Do Good in the new year, and beyond.

Did you resolve that 2017 would be the year you give back more to your community?  Did you promise yourself that the next twelve months would be all about making the world a better place?  Are you looking for opportunities to help people while making your community, your city, or just one life, easier and more secure?  Are you committed to Doing Good? Then we’ve got the list you need! Below, you’ll find multiple opportunities to express your charitable self and make a difference in someone’s life. Maybe even lots of someones.

Do Good by volunteering.

If you’re looking to make the world a better place, there is no better opportunity than volunteering.  There are so many programs and charities that need your help, you’d be hard put not to find something you can do to help. Consider one of these for carrying out your resolutions.

YouthCare, in Seattle, was the first homeless youth shelter on the west side of the country. You can donate money and food or clothes, but they also need folks to cook, tutor, do yard work, and much, much more.

In Tacoma, the Rescue Mission is there for the homeless and needy in Pierce County.You can be there, too, by volunteering or donating to help.

In Kirkland, Redmond, Bellevue, Shoreline and Carnation, consider helping Hopelink, a group that serves the disabled, children, seniors, and low-income families.

The Salvation Army is just about everywhere, and they do good all year long. You can help.

Seattle’s homeless women, children, and families can find help at Mary’s Place, a wonderful volunteer opportunity. One of their greatest outreaches is the No Child Sleeps Outside project.

Treehouse is an organization providing services and resources for foster children, helping them to have both a childhood and a future.

Youth Eastside Services – YES – provides help and services to children, teens, and families affected by poverty, substance abuse, domestic violence, and more. YES offers opportunities to volunteer or donate, and make someone’s life a little easier.  

Do Good for your neighbors!

Do you know a single parent who deserves a night out, an unaccompanied trip to the grocery store, or even just a nap?  Every neighborhood has at least one mom or dad who raises their family alone and who could use a helping hand. You can help by giving of your time. Offer to babysit while that parent shops for groceries or goes to the doctor. Invite the family, or even just the kids, to dinner one evening. Anonymously pay the family’s electric bank or mail an unsigned gift card (food, gas, movies, whatever) or make a needed repair to their home or car. Single parenting is hard, but you can make it a little easier for someone. If your resolution was to “give back,” helping one family is a good way to do it.

Do you have older neighbors? You can rake leaves, shovel snow, sort recycling, haul off yard debris, and so much more. You can drive a senior citizen to a doctor’s appointment or the grocery store, or even provide a professional service (heater repair, auto maintenance, lawn work) for free. Again, if you’re looking to make the world a better place, you can start with just one person in your sphere.

A Little Free Library is a good way to improve your neighborhood, too. Or maybe you’d like to get your friends together to pick up trash in your streets, or to collect bikes, exercise equipment, household appliances, or other bigger items and deliver them all to a thrift store. You could organize a neighborhood food drive for your local food bank, donate your children’s outgrown clothing and coats, or choose one home that needs some TLC and organize a work crew.

You Can Help End Hunger!

For volunteer opportunities, consider Operation Sack Lunch, where you can help prepare and distrinute lunches for the homeless.

Food banks always need volunteers, cash, and food donations. And what could be better for the world and for the  human spirit than to help feed families and children? Here’s a list of some food banks in the greater Seattle area where your time, money, and donations will be welome.

University District Food Bank in Seattle

West Seattle Food Bank in Seattle

Salt of the Earth in Everett

Rainier Valley Food Bank in Seattle

Issaquah Food Bank in Issaquah

Ballard Food Bank in Seattle

Thurston County Food Bank in Olympia

Sky Valley Food Bank in Monroe

St. Leo Food Connection in Tacoma

Renewal Food Bank in Bellevue

Lynnwood Food Bank in Lynnwood

St. Mary’s Food Bank, Seattle

Greenwood Food Bank, Seattle

Food Lifeline, Shoreline

Emergency Feeding Program, Seattle

Do Good anywhere, any time.

The idea of volunteering and donating and working for those less fortunate is all about giving back to the world we live in, and about sharing our blessings with others. We do it to help, and because the warmth of heart and joy of spirit that results from making the world a better place are their own reward.

Whether you give your time, your expertise, your money, or donate needed items, charitable works are always the right thing to do. You can keep the spirit of the recent holidays, and the hope of the new year, alive for the next 12 months by helping out in your own corner of the world.

There are more opportunities than we’ve listed here, of course. Find a cause that interests you and make it your New Year’s resolution to work to make the world  better place, even if it’s just for one person.  

Six Seattle Secrets for a Sensational Season

by NW Storages on 12/12/16

So, here you are, in or near one of the best cities in America.  It’s the holiday season and, what with Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Yule, and all other manner of celebrations, there seems to be an abundance of things to do. Unfortunately, you’ve already done them, and so has everyone else! Are there any new, fun, different, family-friendly holiday events in the great Northwest?

The answer to that question is: Yep. There are a number of lesser-known events and goings-on in the area that you may never have tried. You might consider checking out some of these in the next few weeks, for some fantastic and festive family fun! 

  1. The Icon Grill, located on  Seattle’s 5th Avenue, hosts a Santa Brunch every weekend in December, through the 24th. Santa arrives at 11:00 a.m. and leaves at 1:00 p.m. so he can be back at the North Pole in time for dinner. The brunch menu at the Icon offers a great variety, and includes some cheery grown-up beverages for Mom and Dad.  This event is so much fun, you might want to call for reservations.
  2. Head on over to Poulsbo for the Gingerbread House Party at the Farm Kitchen. Wait.  Don’t.  All sessions of this fun family activity have been filled!  Don’t despair, though; you can host your own Gingerbread House Party by ordering kits and gathering the family around the table.  There’s even an instructional video for creating your holiday masterpiece!
  3. Hot chocolate is a seasonal staple, and there’s no better place to get a great mug of this sweet, delicious libation than at Chocolopolis. Home to a large variety of drinking chocolate, as well as all kinds of edible treats, Chocolopolis also offers holiday gift baskets that can be customized and ordered online. After you’ve taken in some of the other activities on this list, a trip to the Chocolopolis shop on Queen Anne Avenue North is a great way to cap off the day.
  4. Bright, colorful light displays are an integral aspect of the holiday season. You can enjoy over a million lights blazing in the night at the Lights of Christmas show in Stanwood, along with a holiday themed dinner or Sunday dessert theater. Admission to this grand spectacle isn’t free (unless you’re under four years old) but they do have Pay What You Can Night, which is exactly what it sounds like. Pay What You Can Nights for this year are December 1, 8, 27,  and 28. Get more information on the Lights of Christmas website.
  5. Would your family enjoy a ride in a horse-drawn carriage through the streets of Seattle? Well, who wouldn’t! Sealth Horse Carriages offers just such a ride in downtown Seattle, from their location on Pine Street.
  6. Children love making gifts for the ones they love. You can always find a great craft online at places like and  Of course, you’ll have to clean up the mess when they’re done, which sort of sucks all the fun out of it for you! You can always check out one of many kid-friendly craft centers in the Seattle area, though. Imagine, they make the crafts and you don’t have to clean up!  Find a place near you on this ParentMap list.  

For a wonderful, festive, enjoyable winter, Seattle and the surrounding area can’t be beat. Check out some of these great events and activities with your family, and make this holiday season the best one yet.

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