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Self Storage Benefits YOU!

by NW Storages on 04/18/18

Have you ever thought about the many benefits that can be yours when you use self-storage. It’s not just a place to store your unpacked boxes or old furniture; you’d be amazed at all the good that comes with renting a self-storage unit for your home, business, sports team, or any other reason. Take a look at everything you get!

  1. Security.  Most self-storage  companies offer great security, no matter what you’re storing. Look for video cameras with off-site monitoring, gated access with keypad entry, full fencing, barbed wire, great lighting, and even motion detectors and individual alarms on units.  You’ll be able to relax, knowing that whatever you’re storing, it’s safe and protected!

  2. Flexibility.  There usually aren’t any long-term commitments with self-storage. You can find contracts that last just a few weeks when you only need something temporary, and month-to-month agreements mean you can leave, upgrade, or extend your stay easily and conveniently. Be sure to ask if your contract is monthly, quarterly, or something else,  and then choose the one that works best for you.

  3. Convenience.  When you put something in self-storage, it stays there until you need it. No need to dig through closets filled with winter coats while searching for your baseball  glove, or dragging your lawn mower and leaf blower out of the way to get to your Christmas decorations. Your stuff is there for you when you need it, easily accessible, and out of the way when you aren’t using it. In addition, most facilities offer great access hours, usually from early in the morning until  late into the evening, every day of the year. Take out what you need and put it back on your schedule, when you’re ready!

  4. The Right Fit.  Self-storage units come in multiple sizes, with different ceiling heights, door sizes, and more. If you’re storing smaller items, such as a few boxes of documents, you can get a storage unit that will  hold just what you’ve got; no wasting money on space you don’t need. If you’ve got big items, like furniture or vehicles, there’s a just-right size for that, too. Ask as many questions as you need to find the right size unit for exactly what you’re storing, without any wasted space or money.

  5. Lots of Extras.  Many self-storage companies offer all sorts of upgrades and extras when you rent with them. Ask about things like a free tour of the site, free gifts for stopping by or renting,  free locks for your unit, and more. Many places even give you a free rental of their move-in truck. Besides the freebies you can find, you may discover that your storage company also offers specialized protection for some items,  such as jewelry, expensive collectibles, and more! If you’ve got something unique or valuable you’d like to store, ask your storage professional what they offer.

Self-storage is a great, convenient, affordable way to keep your property safe and protected while it’s not  in use, while also freeing up space in your home, garage, or storage shed. Whether it’s your Little League equipment in November or your skis and sleds in July,  putting your unused items into storage offers fantastic benefits and excellent safety. Check it out!

Seasonal Storage for Summer Space!

by NW Storages on 04/10/18

It’s time for summer self-storage! Whether it’s college-related, winter gear, or even a seldom-used vehicle, summer is a great time to store whatever you’ve got, out of the way and fully secure.  Whether you need it for a month or for a season, or even longer, self-storage provides great security, convenience, and affordability. Here are just a few of the many reasons you might need to rent a storage unit this summer.

College Storage

School’s almost out for the summer, which often means kids home from college, kids getting ready to leave for college, or an impending change in living arrangements once college starts again.

With summer break approaching, you may need storage space for several reasons, but whatever the reason you need storage related to higher education and summer break, we can help.  We’ve got the space you need to keep everything safe and sound until September.

Why do you need summer storage?

  • A recent high school grad accumulating furniture and appliances for their dorm room.

  • Your college kid needing a place to keep their dorm furnishings while school’s out.

  • The need for additional space with one (or more) of your offspring home for break.

  • That beaming college graduate coming home to look for work, hauling bed and dresser along.

So, all those desks and bookshelves, lamps and storage cubes can all be kept in storage until  they’re needed. Anticipating a new dorm or off-campus apartment, your returning college student might need to store his/her belongings in their school town when they come home for the season. Perhaps your recent high school grad has found the perfect bed frame and matching side table, but you just don’t have room in the house to keep it for the next three months. Doesn’t matter, because whether it’s a television or a floor lamp or a giant, green bean bag chair, you can put it in storage for safekeeping.

Vacation Storage

Are you planning a vacation this summer? If you’re going to be gone for a week or two or even more, it might be worthwhile to put some of your household goods into storage.

Now, you won’t want to store your couch, or bedroom set, but some items in an empty home are likely to be safe, and less likely to be stolen, in self storage. It’s a small investment in time and energy to prepare some of your things to be kept out of the house, in a secure, protected storage facility.

What should you store before vacationing?

  • Electronics, especially computers, stereos, and televisions.

  • Art of all kinds. Paintings, wall hangings, lawn sculptures, for instance.

  • Valuable jewelry. Many storage facilities offer additional security for items like this.

  • Irreplaceables,  such as family photo albums, your mother’s china set, and other belongings you could not replace in the event of vandalism, fire, or natural disaster.

The knowledge that your expensive,  unique, and sentimental belongings are safely locked away and protected is priceless, and will  give you the peace of mind you need to enjoy your summer vacation.

Holiday Storage

Not only is Christmas over,  but so are other major holidays, including Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day, Easter, and more. So whether it’s that gigantic artificial holiday tree or the great, big Easter Bunny you had in your yard last month, all those holiday decorations and accessories can be stored out of the way, freeing up space in your closets and garage for things you’ll actually be using this summer. Perhaps you’d like to store:

  • Christmas trees and ornaments

  • Holiday themed place settings

  • Inflatable holiday lawn decor

  • Gifts you may have picked up for next Christmas or birthdays

Just think of all the space you’ll save by putting those boxes and boxes of ornaments and decorations in a self-storage unit!

Seasonal Storage

It’s spring!  It’s almost summer! Why would you need to keep your snow blower, snow skis, hockey gear, or other cold weather equipment in your house, garage, or shed? You certainly won’t be needing it any time soon. By storing you autumn and winter gear in a secure storage facility you’ll be making room for all those great summer necessities, like camping gear, baseball equipment, yard machinery, and more! Consider storing these things:

  • Winter sports gear

  • Cold weather hunting and fishing equipment

  • Snowmobiles

  • Snow blowers, snow shovels, snow plow attachments

  • Snow skis, ice skates, snowboards, and all their accessories

  • Snow tires and tire chains

  • Coats, heavy blankets, snow suits, and other cold weather clothing

Self-storage is always there to make your life a little easier, a little less cluttered, and a lot more organized. By letting your local self-storage company keep your out-of-season items safe and protected, you’ll have more space in your home, and your life, for all that summer fun you’ve been looking forward to!

Color and Decorating Trends to Refresh Your Home!

by NW Storages on 03/29/18

Spring is here and, along with flowers, rain, and an urge to clean the house, we often find ourselves renewing our homes with new paintings, curtains, wall coverings, furnishings, and accessories.  Changing one or several aspects of your home’s decor can make it feel like a brand new place at a much lower price than an actual remodel. Or move!

Below, you’ll find some trending ideas and themes for updating your home, largely by painting and updating fabrics and accents. Easy, fast, and effective, these suggestions can inspire you to makeover your home in ways that will improve your outlook, calm you after a hard day, or just delight your eyes every time you look around. You’ll also find out how self-storage can help you while you take on these projects!

Pick a color!

The colors you choose for your decor are going to set the tone for each room. Bedrooms need to be calming and conducive to rest, your living room or den should be inviting and happy. Your office, bathrooms, even your kitchen, will benefit from the application of the right color. Some color trends include:

Calming and relaxing colors are lighter in value with grey undertones :

  • Pale blues

  • Light greens

  • Silvery whites

  • Champagne white

  • Dove greys

  • Light, dusty pink

Vibrant and energizing colors are brighter and clearer:

  • Apple, cherry, and fire engine reds

  • Azure, lapis, and peacock blues

  • Shamrock, parakeet, and kelly green

  • Bright violet and magenta

Strikingly glamorous shades tend toward jewel tones, and may be darker:

  • Ruby red

  • Sapphire blue

  • Emerald green

  • Hunter green

  • Sable

Set it off.

Once you’ve painted, you may want to  consider adding additional color and texture to your home with curtains, draperies, and wallpaper.  Some ways to do this might be to add sheers to windows in lighter painted rooms. Sheer curtains soften windows and allow more natural light into a room. Perhaps a dramatic room would benefit from heavy drapes, possibly velvet or brocade. Brightly painted rooms can be made even cheerier with coordinating curtains with colorful patterns. Of course you need to suit your own tastes, but in general, lighter rooms may need lighter colors as accents, while darker rooms work well with darker window treatments.

Wallpaper has been making a comeback the last few years, and there are a multitude of ways to use it. Find a pattern that fits your room’s personality and that works with your paint color. Now, you can do several things to incorporate it into your room. Perhaps you’d like to paper just one wall to create a dramatic backdrop for furniture or art. Another option is to add a wainscotting to your walls and paper only below, or only above, that line. You can paper smaller areas, too, like just the area between a door and a window, or the lower portion of a bar or island.

A really great way to make use of wallpaper, and a really inexpensive one, is to find a small remnant you like, or to buy a sample piece if it’s available, then frame and hang it. Large or small, heavy metal frame or secured to a stretched canvas or encased in a clear, acrylic  frame,a piece of wallpaper, or several contrasting pieces, can add a great deal of interest to a room without being costly or labor-intensive.

Furnishings and fabrics.

When you are done painting, papering, adding curtains, and are generally ready to bring your furniture and other items back in, keep in mind that  these things, too, will affect the overall effect of your room.

If you’ve gone with the pale, greyish colors of calmness,  you can enhance the effect with natural wooden chairs, bookcases, and tables. A brighter, multi-colored area rug or throw pillows can add a bit of brightness to the room, too.

Brighter colors are complemented with natural fabrics, other colors of the same value you used on the walls, and lots of light.

Jewel tones need to be anchored and demand metallic gold or silver accents, and fabrics that shimmer and say “rich,” like velvet and satin.  Pillows and slipcovers made of these fabrics can be jazzed up with fringe, too.

Self-storage can help.

When you take on a project like repainting all or part of your home, or even just one room, you can make it a lot easier if you get everything out of the room first. By renting a self-storage unit for a month of two  (depending on the size of the job you’re tackling), you can keep your sofa,dinner table, beds and dressers, and everything else safe and secure while you work. Not only will you not be getting paint on your things, you also won’t be trying to maneuver around all that furniture.

Having a clear field to work in will not be the only benefit to renting self-storage while you redecorate. If new furniture is in the cards, you may need a place to keep it all until you’re  ready to the painting and replacing. Self storage is a good place to keep all the things you’re going to use once you’re ready to get your job started. It’s also a great place to keep anything you’re not taking back home immediately. For instance, you’ve replaced your recliner, but want to save the old one for your kid’s first apartment.

Finally, you’ll have paint, brushes, trays, masking tape, drop cloths and protective plastic, ladders and more to deal with while you work. If this is a weekends-only project, self-storage will  keep your supplies out of the way but easily accessible, reducing the potential for accidental spills; it will also reduce the day-to-day clutter of the entire situation.

Whatever colors, fabrics, wallcoverings, and accents you choose, your newly designed home  interior is a great way to let your house reflect your family’s personality and to give you a new outlook.  Painting can be fun, of course, and with self-storage keeping things safe and organized for you, it doesn’t have to be a major disruption, either.

What are People Putting in Storage?

by NW Storages on 03/21/18

Self storage is a common sight these days. Every town has at least one, and probably several, public storage facilities. You can find heated storage, indoor storage, outside storage, and so much more in almost every community; even RV and car storage abound!

Have you ever wondered what people keep in all those storage units? And the answers are as varied as the people who pay for storage rental. Still, there are some items that are stored more often than others. If you’ve ever wondered what you might need a storage unit for, take a look at this list of five commonly stored items and consider whether you might need to store similar items.

  1. Furnishings. Furniture takes up a lot of room in our homes, and we don’t always need it.  From a sofa that’s too large for your new apartment to the extra beds left behind after the kids go to college, most of us have a few larger items in our houses that are just taking up space despite not being needed. Think of baby furniture you’re saving for the future, or grandma’s formal dining table, which is beautiful but enormous! These are all things you want to keep, but they don’t need to be kept in  your house. TIP: Furniture is particularly amenable to being stored because much of it comes apart, making it easier to keep in smaller spaces.

  2. Appliances. Maybe you don’t use that portable dishwasher because your apartment has a built-in, but you aren’t ready to let it go yet, either. Are you saving your old, but still good, washer and dryer for one of your kids to  use? There are any number of reasons a freezer, refrigerator, window air conditioner, or other appliance might be better put into storage; it’s out of the way but easily accessible should you need it! TIP: If you’re also storing items like blankets, drapes, clothing, or even holiday decorations, some appliances (refrigerator, dishwasher, oven) seem almost designed to hold these things. You can increase your available storage space by making use of appliances as shelving and vaults.

  3. Vehicles. An extra car, a motorcycle, your RV; often, vehicles are stored because they aren’t in use at the moment. For example, you’re not likely to ride your motorcycle in the snow. If you find extra vehicles taking up space in your life, a self-storage company that offers vehicle storage is what you need. TIP: Many people use vehicle storage to keep their “special” vehicles safe from damage, and retrieve them whenever they want to drive them.

  4. Memorabilia. Photo albums, home decor items, newspapers and magazines, and even collectibles take up a lot of room in homes and closets, especially when we aren’t displaying them at the moment. Self-storage is a great resource for safekeeping of valued, or even valuable, items that are not used on a daily basis. TIP: Ask about security! The security features of many self-storage facilities will help keep your belongings safe when it’s away from home.

  5. Seasonal items.  Everything from Christmas decorations to summer yard furniture can be kept in storage when not in use. This even includes things like your bicycle, lawn mower, grill, and above ground pool! Just be sure to remove any fuel from machinery before storing, and to clean tools like shovels and rakes so they don’t rust while stored. TIP: Remove fuel from any machinery you’re storing, as you can’t store combustibles.

Of course, you can store just about anything else you want to. Your storage facility can provide you with a list of prohibited items, but it’s usually pretty short. Ask if you’re not sure.

This list is really just an example of how people make use of  self-storage to declutter their homes and lives while hanging on to the things they like and want to  keep. Your self-storage professional can help you determine the best size unit for keeping the things you want to store, and you’ll find that having a little extra space at home can really make a big difference.

Self-Storage for Spring Cleaning Help

by NW Storages on 03/14/18

Spring is here, with its warmer weather and sunshine.  Longer days, shorter nights, and outdoor activities are all in the offing. But before you head outside to enjoy the new season, take care of winter’s remnants before you go. You’ve got winter’s fingerprints everywhere, from the skis in the garage to the heavy drapes in the living room. Time to lighten up your house, and your mood, with spring cleaning!


You know the basics, of course. Wash the windows, hose down the sidewalk and driveway, wash and wax the floors, maybe even shampoo the carpets. Clean the heavy drapes, blankets, and bedding of winter and replace them with lighter colors and fabrics. You might even decide to power wash the outside of your house, if you’re feeling really ambitious!

But there’s more to clean than just washing and vacuuming, though. Clutter can make a clean house feel messy, and the disorganization it brings with it is often so distracting that you don’t know where to start.


We can help you with that. Decluttering is easy once you get started,  and when you’re done, you’ll not only have a clean house, you’ll have plenty of room for everything. Plus, there’s nothing like that feeling of accomplishment you’ll have when you’re done.

  1. Organize: Set aside three boxes or other containers, one for items you’ll throw away, one for items to be donated, and one for things you that you’ll be keeping, but not using in the near future. For larger items, make a list of each item and what you’re going to do  with it. Now, dig in!

  2. Closets: The rule of thumb for closet cleaning is to get rid of anything you haven’t worn in the past year. Clothes that are damaged, torn, or stained can be thrown away (or used as rags and fabric pieces, if you want,) but you likely have items you haven’t worn but don’t want to discard. Think Halloween costume or wedding dress for example. Items that you want to hang on to, but that are taking up space, can be put into affordable, secure, self-storage . You can donate any children’s coats and boots that will be outgrown before they’re needed again. If you’re going to keep items like this, storage is a good way to free up your closet space over the spring, summer, and autumn months.

  3. Outdoor Machinery: Sleds, skis, snowmobiles, and other winter equipment can be put in storage; your shovel and snow blower can go on this list, too. Of course, fuel tanks should be drained completely before storing. Now you’ve got room for summer things like your grill, lawn mower, and sporting equipment.

  4. Christmas: Self-storage is a great place for all that Christmas stuff that’s been in your garage the last couple of months. You’ll want to label those boxes so you can find it all next winter.

  5. Furniture: Maybe you’ve got too much bedroom furniture, or perhaps you’ve considered a more minimalist approach to your living room; there are many reasons you might want to reduce furnishings in your house. Think about furniture that you don’t need now but might need later, too, like cribs, toddler or roll away beds, and other age or situation specific furniture. Anything you can live without now can be put into storage until later.

  6. Home decor: Spring is a good time to shift your home to an airier, lighter motif. Heavy drapes, wintry landscape paintings, and darker textiles can all be stored to make way for softer curtains and sheers, bright throw pillows, and cheerful, colored paintings and drawings. After all, spring and summer are more than just a time of year, they’re an attitude!

If you’re looking for lowered stress, a brighter outlook, and a less cluttered home, a thorough round of spring cleaning can really help. Donate what you don’t need, sell what you don’t want anymore, then let self storage protect the things you’ve kept.  A clean, uncluttered house is a joy to come home to and a place to relax and unwind; your local self storage facility can help give you the space you need, and offer you a secure place to keep your belongings.

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